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Friday Bonus Post!

Because it’s Friday—and to make up for letting all of Wednesday go by without posting—I present April Smith and the + more

A Capital Idea

An area of writing that frequently causes consternation among our clients is, surprisingly, capitalization. If I had a nickel for + more

There Once Was a Man from Nantucket…

Behold! The Omnificent English Dictionary In Limerick Form—quite possibly the greatest achievement in publishing since Euclid’s Elements was first set + more

Like We Didn’t See This Coming

The short—and, one would think, obvious—answer to this question is “Yes.” What’ll really be interesting is seeing what takes its + more

Monday Miscellany

Today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. To celebrate, employees at Sealed Air, which manufactures $4 billion of the stuff annually, + more

Cheap Pun

It’s been said that the politics in academia are so vicious because the stakes are so low. Case in point: + more

Nabokov Knows Butterflies

Turns out Vladimir Nabokov—author of Bend Sinister, Lolita, and Pale Fire, among others—was right all along when he hypothesized that + more

Our First Politics Post!

Like supreme court justice Antonin “The Hammer” Scalia, I skipped last night’s State of the Union speech. It’s not a + more

It’s a Thorny Issue

Descending into the bowels* of the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture this afternoon, I happened to notice, hanging on + more

People Are Starting to Talk

The latest issue of PROOF! just got a little love from BUILDblog, so we’re giving a little right back. If + more

Happy Birthday, Mr. Vibraphonist

In honor of Gary Burton‘s birthday—which is this Sunday—I’m a-gonna treat you to a funky little blues number of his + more

Guess Ad Agencies Are Gonna Have to Get Creative Now

Bad news if you’re a celebrity pitchman: “Over the course of [the] last year…endorsements were largely ineffective and failed to + more

The Language Police Strike Again

The decline and fall of Western Civilization continues apace, courtesy of some weenies busybodies up north: The Dire Straits song + more

Scientists Create Army of Mutant Super-Chickens

Researchers at the universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh have managed to engineer chickens that don’t transmit the avian influenza virus + more

Waste of Space

In my capacity as a professional writer and editor, I’ve learned that, for the most part, the rest of the + more

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