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Next Up: Robotic Surgery

When a docent at Richland’s Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science & Technology told me that no one had ever stacked + more

Quote of the Day

“Originality depends on new and striking combinations of ideas. It is obvious therefore that the more a man knows the + more

New Tunes

It’s been a while since I shared any music. And hey—it’s Friday, so why not? Last week I stumbled upon + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

I know I just did a grammar post last week, but this needs to be said. (It’ll be quick, I + more

My Past Catches Up to Me

I ran across a real piece of history the other day. A long-time friend and I were revisiting our stomping grounds, reminiscing + more


The simplest concepts are often the most difficult to execute—and well-nigh impossible to get past a client. Kudos to both + more

Spokane Scene no. 9

Imagine my joy when I spotted this sign near University High School in Spokane Valley last weekend, prompting as it + more

Walt’s Last Stand

I’m just going to come right out and say it: Breaking Bad is the single greatest television show in the + more

Stop! Grammar time!

Can I rant for just a moment? Thanks. There are some things I need to get off my chest. The + more


L to R: Shirlee Roberts-Downey, Lawton’s Kelly Walker, some random guy off the street, and CK Anderson. Bearing donuts and + more


It’s National Punctuation Day®! Not sure how to mark—get it? mark—the occasion? Founder Jeff Rubin has some helpful tips. And if, like + more


Did residents of North Carolina narrowly miss getting nuked back in 1961? It would appear so. Speaking of explosive power, + more

Strike a pose

Well another week has come and gone for me at helveticka. This  week was even more busy than the last. + more

Random Blog Post of the Week

Good news! If you’ve ever “had your surfeit of poetical whimsy and are ready for some good, hard facts,” there’s + more


The Discovery Channel may have Shark Week, but Modern Farmer has Goat Week. I think it goes without saying which of the two + more

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