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From the Oatmeal

With Grammar and Spiders…the only way to fill Aaron’s really big shoes. So here’s how and why to use whom in + more

Last Week.

It is my very last week here as an intern, and it has been the most refreshing 173 hours spent. + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

While reading this blog post, I had a vague recollection of my high school English teacher making a very clear distinction between + more

Words Fail…

Really, I’m not sure exactly where to begin. Is it condescending and obnoxious? Or is it just embarrassing? Or is + more


While CK was gallivanting about the North Atlantic Seaboard last month (see here, here, here, here, and here for his + more

Interning—Week 7

Since my desk is placed between Shirlee and Aaron, I have had a good time just experiencing the two of + more

NYC, Part 5: I ♥ NY

All week long I’ve been sharing some highlights from my recent trip to New York City. It turns out that + more

NYC, Part 4: Helvetica—without the “k”

No other city in America can take credit for helping our favorite font become a household name. It was in the + more

NYC, Part 3: kor-BOOZE-e-yay

With several prominent museums in Manhattan, there’s never a shortage of things to see. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) + more

NYC, Part 2: Diseñador Gráfico

“We rely too much on technology. I am not against it, but a pencil is one with my brain, an + more

NYC, Part 1: Wild Things

I spent the last couple of weeks away from the office. (Yeah, even my boss lets me get away once + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

This blog has been active for more than three years now. And I would have bet that, in the 650 + more

RIP, Dutch’s

Doug Clark has a column about Dutch’s imminent closing in today’s Spokesman-Review. My love affair with the place began when + more

“…and then they were upon her.”

Most of you have probably read Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery.” It’s the late author’s most famous short story, and has + more

Who Says Politics Can’t Be Fun?

I’m not sure this headline—even though it comes from the otherwise staid U.S. News & World Report—is appropriate for all ages. I + more

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