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Brian Eno & Creepy Crawlies

Well I am wrapping up my third week at the helveticka offices. And I must say this internship has been + more

We Miss You, Johnny

Johnny Cash died 10 years ago today. When I told my son, who was six at the time, Jake’s response + more

Don’t bother me. I’m thinking.

Interesting article* on the science behind extroversion and introversion. Here’s a quote that helps explain why I’m no good at group brainstorming + more

More Sendak

A month ago, CK reported on a Maurice Sendak exhibition in New York City. I had no idea he (Sendak, + more

New Music

I’m not entirely sure what it is about the work of sand artist Ilana Yahav that I find so mesmerizing. Maybe it’s + more

Black & White Magic

Congrats to my good friend David Nanni for his feature in the October issue (#99) of Black & White magazine, “the + more


L’shanah tovah, everyone. Maybe now people will listen to me when I tell ’em cow tipping is a myth. A movie + more

Autumn’s Almost Here

“Near nature. Near perfect.” While the second half of our city’s tagline is at best arguable, the first is spot-on. + more

And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor (not really)

I’m someone who has to write things down. I know, I know—there’s a perfectly suitable notes app on my phone. + more

“Hey, who’s that new guy?”

Hello interweb, I am Tony Kuchar, Helveticka’s new intern. Today wraps up my first week on the job, and so + more

How CK Secretly Hoped His Career Would Turn Out

I deliberately waited till the end of the workday to post a link to the awesomest collection of  “horror, sci-fi, + more

Countdown to the Apocalypse

The worst part about this isn’t the second definition. (It was already a problem in 1926, when H. W. Fowler + more

Quote of the Day

“As a young man, I harbored the populist idea of writing for the public. I learned that the public didn’t + more

What I Did on My Vacation

The weathered remains of a fire lookout, built in 1934, greeted my son and me when we reached the summit + more

Quads Only.

If you ever want to join me for a little fun on wheels after work, grab some skates (quads only) + more

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