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Test Time

Good news: I can write proper English under pressure. Can you? Turns out I can also “do simple maths.” Don’t + more

Hey! That’s Us!

Looks like KREM 2 News has discovered the SPOMa exhibit at the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture. Here’s their + more


Because she’s a right thoughtful lass, Shirlee arrived at the office this morning with some dark chocolate and sea salt-covered + more

Quote of the Day

“We should work on making our world understandable and not make it more confused. What looks like wood should also + more

Here Is Today

Need a little perspective? Ever wonder where you fit in the grand scheme of things? Click here, then prepare to + more

Congratulations Are in Order

It was just announced that Michelle Hege has been named president and CEO of Desautel Hege Communications. I remember Michelle + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

“Hone in on” has been popping up in conversations lately. We’ve dealt with this issue here before, so I won’t + more


“I went to Peru and all I got were these lousy flesh-eating maggots.” Is this the worst-written headline ever…or the + more

Interning—Week 3

With the walking campaign I did to get this internship, I got to know quite a few design firms here in + more

“Age, with his stealing steps, hath clawed me in his clutch.”

Last week it was the news that Jim Kelly had died; this week it’s a reminder that nothing lasts forever: + more

Happy Birthday

This is why the writer should never leave the office. While Aaron is playing over in Seattle (actually, he’s interviewing + more

The History of Typography

I know what you’re thinking. “The History of Typography?” Yawn. But Yukon-based graphic designer Ben Barrett-Forrest has a way of + more

Interning—Week 2

“I’m going to get my degree in graphic design and I won’t have to do math.” False. Welcome to 3D + more

“Life is meaningless.…The meaningfulness is what you impart to it.”

This New York Times article is well worth a couple of minutes of your time today. Jason Everman has the + more


If Bioshock Infinite is considered a “first-person shooter,” then this is surely a first-person sorter. (While this, from the same developer, simply defies + more

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