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1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13…

In honor of Fibonacci Day, I asked CK if he’d mind employing the famous mathematician’s namesake sequence to determine my + more

Does this post make me look cynical?

The Center for Public Integrity released the results of its 2015 State Integrity Investigation, which uses “extensive research to grade + more

Pre-Thanksgiving Thankfulness

There are at least two reasons for my success as a professional writer. (And by “success” I mean my ability to convince CK + more

Molecular Scissors!

Here at helveticka world headquarters, there are two types of people. First, there are the younguns, to whom any new technology/paradigm/idea is + more

Word of the Day

Floccinaucinihilipilification (noun) The action or practice of estimating something as worthless. When asked to provide the client with a ballpark + more

Writing vs. Grammar

From Clear and Simple as the Truth, by Francis-Noël Thomas and Mark Turner: The teaching of writing in America is + more

Happy Veterans Day

From the diary of Virginia Woolf, November 11, 1918: Twenty-five minutes ago the guns went off, announcing peace. A siren + more

Metals Fab Unplugged

There’s something exciting about working inside a big, industrial manufacturing facility like Metals Fab. Huge I-beams moving about, lots of + more

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

So last week was kind of a big deal for us. Monday was our 1,000th blog post—a feat that took + more

Our First Rated-R Post!

What do you do for a living? It’s a pretty simple question—unless you work in the creative field. Trust me, + more

Pretty sure we’ve all been in that meeting…

In his penultimate contribution to our week-long blog Bacchanalia, professional cartoonist and 1990 Spokane Chess Club champion David Rowles reveals one + more

Everyone’s a Critic

Cartoonist David Rowles has provided us with five original works to help celebrate our 1,000th blog post this week. Today’s + more

Meanwhile, at stately helveticka headquarters…

In his second installment as guest blogger—and post number 1,001, in case you missed last week’s nail-biting lead-up—professional cartoonist David Rowles exposes the gap between + more

Our 1,000th Post!

I’d like to thank my parents, who believed in me before I had the courage to believe in myself. And, of + more

Warning: Milestone Ahead

You’re reading our 999th published blog post. Which means the next one will be, well…kind of a big deal. Although I’m personally responsible for + more

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