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Morning Meetings

Each week we begin our grind with a staff meeting. I know, you’re probably thinking, “Boooooringggg.” But in all reality, + more

Princess Mermaid

I began my career at helveticka as an intern while finishing my graphic design degree. I was excited to join + more

Poetry Break

THE BEAUTIFUL CHANGES Richard Wilbur One wading a Fall meadow finds on all sides The Queen Anne’s Lace lying like + more


“Everybody kills Hitler on their first trip. I did.” An oldie but goodie. Sexy Halloween costumes that shouldn’t exist. This + more

Watch yourself waste time with Factoclock

I’ve found my newest time-wasting obsession: Factoclock. “You learn something new every minute.” Here’s a few of the things I learned + more

Truth-Bomb Tuesday

Dear Millennials, this is why everyone else hates you. Dear everyone else, this is why you should be nicer to + more

Music Monday

I’m just going to say it: There isn’t a guitar player alive who can touch Guthrie Govan. (And to be honest, I’m + more

Drawing Makes Us Happy

Over the last few weeks, Morgan and I have been scribbling away in a Field Notes book, generously donated by Mr. + more

Be Excellent to Each Other

Today I attended a talk by Justin Ahrens, principal and creative director at Rule 29 out of Illinois. The topic of Justin’s + more

The Road Less Traveled

The latest Avista TV spot took us to some gorgeous locations. From fly fishing below the Post Falls spill gates + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

I’ve noticed a lot of nouning lately. You know, taking a verb and turning it into a noun. Regular readers + more

How to Write Good

This article by Steven Pinker is a treasure trove of quotable lines: “Rules of usage are well worth mastering, but they + more

Quote of the Day

“A certain bishop in the House of Lords rose to speak, and announced that he should divide what he had + more


The rules are simple: 1) Make a drawing in ink 2) Post it 3) Hashtag it with #inktober 4) Repeat + more


Last Friday, 8,200 people filed into the old Cracker Company building for Terrain 8, the 8th annual one-day art extravaganza. Terrain + more

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