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Quote of the Day

“After playing Chopin, I feel as if I had been weeping over sins that I had never committed, and mourning + more

The Cookbook

In my family, when you get married, you get a cookbook. Not just any cookbook. The cookbook. It’s filled with recipes from my mother’s side + more

It’s Like They’re Not Even Trying

This email came over the helveticka transom on Monday. Apparently, we’re to believe that the IRS now has an email address, that + more

Untranslatable Puppy Names

After becoming frustrated by the lack of help received by the internet in naming my new puppy (oh yeah, did + more

My Daily Dose

I thrive on routine. Lack of structure does not look good on this lady, which is why I do little things + more

Word of the Day

shih (noun; Chinese) An insightful, elegant kind of knowledge. Though she considered him ill-bred and loutish (if not a downright cad), Courtney had to admit + more

Editing More is Less

One of my favorite things to do is sit in an editing suite. It must have something to do with knowing + more

The Only Time Verbing Is a Good Thing

Back when I was a callow youth and working in one of those fast-paced, too-hip-for-words advertising agencies that looks more + more

Rebrand Alert!

Depending on how often you Internet (new verb coined by yours truly; it means to scour the Internet with no real direction or + more

The Texture of Design

When talking about design, so often I lean on buzzwords like grid, structure, layout, typography, rhythm, and scale. All of these are + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

Principal or principle? This is one of those questions that, even after 15 years as a professional writer, can still + more

Look on my Intellect, ye Dummies, and despair!

So. According to science, I’m “intellectually superior” to my coworkers, with “amazing ideas constantly running through [my] genius brain….” And that’s + more

Why Musicians Need Philosophy

In this fascinating piece published by the Future Symphony Institute, Roger Scruton posits that “it is precisely the absence of philosophical reflection that + more

David Bowie, RIP

I picked up David Bowie’s latest, Blackstar, on Friday—the day of its release—and the missus and I spent the better part of the + more

Poetry Break

POSTSCRIPT Seamus Heaney And some time make the time to drive out west Into County Clare, along the Flaggy Shore, + more

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