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A Confession

Having made my feelings about Twitter known on at least two occasions (here and here), it pains me somewhat to admit that I’ve actually tried it. And no, it wasn’t horrifying.

Let me be clear: I don’t tweet. That would be dumb. I do, however, follow a couple of people whose viewpoints I respect and who often learn of things before the rest of us do. It was from Twitter, in fact, that I first heard of the deaths of Hitchens, Havel, and that North Korean whack-job…Kim something or other.

Favorite feed so far? Grammar Monkeys. They’ve been having some fun with verbing this afternoon:

“The pilot was a Federal Flight Deck Officer, permissioned by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration to carry a firearm.”

“You’d rather obsolete yourself a little bit than have someone else do it,” McNerney said.

“Traffic-copping the situation was a Coast Guard unit established after Katrina…”

These are so outrageously bad I thought they were made up. Sadly, they’re real. The first is from a Reuters wire report; the second, Boeing CEO James McNerney; the third, AP writer Alan Sayre.

Makes you wonder if these guys have to wear a helmet when they go outside.



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