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Fourth Time’s a Charm

The latest PROOF! publication by Johnston Printing is now available, and represents our most intense subject matter to date. The history of Modern architecture in Spokane is nothing short of incredible—and with the story going back well over fifty years, it makes for an interesting challenge.

While the publication itself mentions all of the folks who helped bring this story to life, I’d like to mention three key contributors. First, a special note of appreciation goes to local architect Steve Clark, who helped inspire us to focus on the work of Moritz Kundig. Second, I’d like to acknowledge our writer, Aaron Bragg, whose enthusiasm for this subject proved invaluable in the research and telling of Moritz’s contribution to our landscape. And finally, to our guest designer Linda Anderson, who has the rare ability to understand my scribbles while adding her own visual aesthetic befitting the publication’s theme.

And in case you’re wondering, PROOF! no. 5 is already underway! Look for it in the spring of the coming year.



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