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It’s Never Easy

No other typeface stirs up such divergent viewpoints as Swiss-born Helvetica. According to Wolfgang Weingart—the father of Swiss Punk typography—it’s “the epitome of ugliness.” On the other hand, Massimo Vignelli is a little more reflective. “I’m trying to think of drawbacks of Helvetica,” he said. “I hardly know one.”

And then there are those who equate the use of Helvetica with lazy design. Amsterdam’s Experimental Jetset has some thoughts about that:

To suggest that the way we use Helvetica is an easy way out typographically is ridiculous. We spend an enormous amount of time spacing, lining, and positioning type. The fact that we use only a small variety of typefaces demands a certain discipline, a skillful precision, a focus on the finer details. It’s certainly not a-different-typeface-for-every-occasion attitude. Now, that would be an easy way out.

As for us, well…you know where we stand.



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