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Stop! Grammar Time!

Great reminder from June Casagrande that your dictionary is good for more than just definitions:

Here are just a few of the seemingly baffling grammar and usage questions the dictionary can answer: Is it “I have drank tea many times” or “I have drunk”? What’s the plural of cactus? Why does “smart” have “smarter” but “intelligent” doesn’t have “intelligenter”? What do I do when my spell-checker flags a word like “unfun” or “neighborhoodwide”? How do I choose between “donut” and “doughnut”? Can I use a noun as an adjective, like by saying “It’s a bagel day” or “It’s a guy thing”?

It’s true. I could easily do my job without Strunk & White, Fowler, and The Chicago Manual of Style. But no dictionary? As the kids say, I can’t even.



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