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Throw Away the Swear Jar

It’s official: Repeatedly dropping the F-bomb increases both your tolerance and your threshold for pain. Lest you think that a word is just a word, however, it turns out that made-up substitutes—for the purposes of this particular study, fouch and twizpipe—showed no such salubrious benefits.

This research couldn’t have come at a better time, to be honest. Perhaps the only good that’s come from the increased use of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, et al. has been the ability, during client meetings,* to mute myself, turn away from the camera, and get in touch with my inner stevedore. (Thanks, pandemic!)

But now, when things get back to normal and we start meeting in person again, I can just go ahead and let the expletives fly. It’s #science, after all.

*I kid! I kid!



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