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“As for man, his days are like grass…”

The two or three of you who regularly follow this blog will no doubt have noticed that we’ve been somewhat quiet of late. I have no excuses, other than that CK is a merciless tyrant who insists on meeting deadlines. (Okay, maybe “merciless” is a bit unfair. He does allow bathroom breaks every six hours.)

It’s pretty much always like this in December: a mad rush to get things done by the end of the year—and with the added challenge of working around holiday schedules. Yet we always seem to make it. And we always seem to wonder where the time went.

Which, naturally, brings me to this one-minute video on the life of a worker bee. It’s the perfect encapsulation of how I feel as we approach Christmas and the last week of 2017.

Happy holidays, y’all. Thanks for reading.

01.23.2018, 12:33pm
by Susanna

How wondrous is THAT?!



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