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On January 1, 2018, helveticka will celebrate its 30th anniversary. In honor of this milestone, over the course of this coming year I’ll take a look back to when we first began, share some memories, and wonder where all the time went.

We might as well begin with this photograph.

John Mraz and I founded Anderson Mraz Design on January 1, 1988. Eight days later, we walked into J. Craig Sweat’s photography studio to get our picture taken so we could promote our new venture. I was just six months married and four days into my 28th year (what’s with all the 8s?).

These days, the big glasses and skinny ties—not to mention the slender physiques—are long gone. But the adventure that we began so long ago continues.

12.27.2017, 11:10am
by Hannah Anderson

There’s nothing like that 80’s gradient!

12.27.2017, 12:59pm
by John

Still one of my favorite (and most meaningful) pieces…

12.27.2017, 3:05pm
by Marsha

Congrats! It’s been such fun working with CK, John and all the gang!

12.28.2017, 6:00am
by Lorri

Congratulations! 30 is a beautiful number and a badge of honor for your business. I learned much working with you, CK.



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