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Corporate Chronology

Which came first, Coke or Pepsi? Wal-Mart or Kmart? Take the quiz over at Mental Floss—some of the answers may surprise you.

12.14.2010, 9:12am
by Andrei

Hey Aaron and CK:

Say, just popped the basics about your blog into

This is a great compilation of local blog addresses. If you’re interested you can fill in additional details. More traffic is always good!

Also, watched a great movie last night that made me think of AMD. Have you seen “Objectified?”


12.14.2010, 11:15am
by CK

Hi Andrei,

Thanks for the note! Appreciate you passing our blog along. We’ll check it out.

I saw Objectified and it was great to watch. Really interesting. It’s the second of a trilogy that began with the release of Helvetica. I haven’t heard what they are doing for the third installment.

Another good film is Art & Copy. It’s about the ad business. Very humorous and funny. I should loan you my copy.




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