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It Just Keeps Getting Better

Courtesy of the inestimable Mike Miller—who might very well be The Smartest Person Alive— the last word now has an audio player. Which means it’s easier than ever for y’all to taste our sweet beats.

Go on, now. Get the party started:

[audio:|titles=01 What Is Hip_]

12.14.2010, 4:10pm
by Mike Miller

Thanks for compliment. I’m not sure about “The Smartest Person Alive” as that puts me in some mighty big shoes, but I try.

12.14.2010, 4:17pm
by Aaron Bragg

For what it’s worth, I was going to write, “The Smartest Person Alive Who I Also Happen to Know and Whose Perceived Intelligence Is Based Entirely on Subjective Criteria,” but it didn’t sound as good.



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